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Some information about our team

We’re small group of dedicated developers

Originally started by Pov and a few friends, BeatX is now growing through the discord atmosphere. We are driven to give people a new bot that is unlike anything else on discord. We put alot of time and dedication into making it and we hope that everyone grows to love it. We are looking into the future with newer projects and so much more so be on the lookout for new and exciting things.

Entrust yourself to a new experience

We’re the best in this field

We are still closely working on BeatX and we hope to keep adding more features and more projects in the near future.
BeatX 75%
Website 45%
Development 90%
New Projects 40%

Full list of our creative services

We provide best digital solutions


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Web Hosting

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Web Design

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We currently offer full support for BeatX!

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