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beatX bot originally started back in 2019 by two people called Pov and Co-Dev/Owner UCJOHN, they wanted to inspire others not to give up. Since 2019 beatX has grown through the discord atmosphere. We are driven to give people something that is unlike anything else on discord. We put alot of time and dedication into making it and we hope that everyone grows to love it.

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Great Support From Staff

beatX has dedicated people to help people like you when they require support or have questions in general.

Careers & Experiance

beatX offers people like you an easy access to join the team and gain invaluable experiance for the future.

Connections & Partners

Here at beatX we are always open to partner up with others, if you have questions or concerns please contact support.

User Feedback

Here at beatX we are always open for user feedback, what we can improve on or even feature your suggestion.

Staff Members

At beatX we have amazing and friendly staff members, they are there to help you and others in any way possible.


We will do our best to keep the bot 24/7 so that you're able to access our free commands at any time.


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